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    New product is on hand, and available for immediate sale, direct from QSI.

  • Titan-U universal HO sound decoder. $129.95
  • Titan-DO sound decoder for 2-rail O scale. (same as used by Sunset Models.) Also works great for most G-scale equipment. $209.95
  • Quantum Engineer for DC powerpacks. $99.95
  • Quantum Programmer. $89.95
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Please note QSISolutions continues to be unresponsive, and QSI is not responsible for any issues you may have with them.
All QSI products include wire harness and 100% functional testing prior to shipment. In many cases, we can pre-program for you. Units damaged by installation errors are subject to a replacement fee. If you need support, drop us an email or come see us at the QSI Yahoo Forum. We monitor this site daily.

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